EDTC 300, Learning Projects

ASL Convo!

This video was created in collaboration with Hayley, once again the two of us worked together.  She thankfully took time out of her busy schedule and put the video together so thank you so much for that! I hope you all enjoy :)!

ESCI 302

ESCI 302 has changed me…

“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the Earth before we ask them to save it”. David Sobel, through this course I believe that Audrey has taken us all back to a time where we loved the earth through hands on experiences, and through our own led discoveries.  She has led us in our own inquiry processes through every aspect of the course where our Euro Western ways of knowing was disrupted without even noticing.  It was until looking at the course as I discovered how she has taken us through story telling of personal stories, hearing stories through classmates, and reading about the stories through Braiding Sweetgrass that took us to love and appreciate the offerings that the land has for us.  I truly enjoyed reading the stories within Braiding Sweetgrass because of the love and emotion that Robin Wall Kimmerer was able to share with her students, children, and with us ultimately.

She shared with us the discovery of whiteness in every aspect of environmental education that we have experienced to disrupt it from re-occurring over time through us as teachers.  Our eyes were opened and we were able to see with two eyes the various teaching strategies that we can use in our future careers and to explore the environment through our students.  “all education is environmental education… by what is included or excluded, students are taught that they are part of or apart from the natural world”  David Orr, through this course we learnt that we are all a part of nature, and rediscovering our love of nature and the environment we were able to learn and deepen our understanding of the environment and how we can reciprocate with the environment.

Also, Robin Wall Kimmerer shared “The ultimate reciprocity, loving and being loved in return.” – Pg. 123 I believe that us learning to love the land again, we can pass our love of the land on to our students in future years.  Before I went back through all of the slide show presentation and all of our assigned blog post I was unaware of the hidden curriculum that Audrey shared throughout this course that the ultimate goal was for us to learn to love the land and to get out of Euro Western ways of being that adults can’t “get dirty” and to experience and have fun with our learning.  “In the process of decolonization and re-inhabitation, I believe it is also important for one to unlearn the oppressive and/or privileged narrative that informs one’s sense of identity. At the same time, we need to relearn and reclaim who we are as humans” (p. 8) This is also true for the growing of my knowledge, I have had to unlearn and let go of many ways of my knowing and learn to grow and accept other ways of teaching.  I also have had to instill a lot of trust into Audrey to stop myself from getting worked up and overwhelmed on this journey.  The journey is as important as the product, and my journey is just beginning with these knew ways of knowing.  I am in no way transformed, this takes time but this course has opened my eyes to a variety of teachings and knowing’s.

Another thing that I have enjoyed through this semester is practicing stillness it has really made me feel even more connected to the land below me, the air and sky above me and the world around me.


Something that I also noticed within my blogs is the love and appreciation that I have to the environment and had as a child but because of the whitewash of the teaching we were never taught about the location or the land that we were in.  All my blogs also have an over arching love and appreciation that I have with the land that I include in my stories that I share.  I have big dreams on becoming more Eco literate and that is a process that will in no doubt take a lot of learning and changes taking place.

EDTC 300

Summary of Learning through EDTC 300

Hey folks, here is my summary of learning video where I used screencasting for the first time ever!  It was so easy to use and by having my typed up script hooked up to my t.v. and then recording my computer screen this project was a breeze!


Below is my write up of my script, however I did do some improve.   Overall this course was very helpful and I would definitely recommend it and have to be honest to many classmates!


Hi everyone, my name is Regan Luypaert and before Ed Tech 300 I was afraid of technology and somewhat technologically challenged.  I believe now I was more “technologically challenged” because of my fear of the unknown, unknown of the capacity and unaware of the potential apps and programs that I could use to help me get through every stage of my technology growth.

When First hearing that I would have to be re-downloading and reinstalling twitter to my life, I was less than pleased I found no use for it when I had it originally, why should I get it again?  So, honestly to get the grade I did it, I went through old tweet realizing how immature and ignorant I was years ago and I deleted everyone I followed making twitter my professional form of social media.  Once I was done un-following everyone and blocking them from following me again, I was left with 4 whole people.  That 4 people in only 4 short months grew and not my personal learning network via twitter is following 97 people!  Through my twitter feed every morning or evening I am able to read about everything that my fellow aspiring teachers are finding interesting and what actual real-life teachers are doing in their classes everyday! I am so excited to learn further and explore more through these great mind that inform me through twitter every day, twice a day!

I have always been aware of the potential hazards of the online world which is part of the reason why I have always been somewhat apprehensive.  Amanda Todd was just one story that truly haunted me, but being told that it is up to teachers and adults to teach and inform our students this is something that I was just going to have to over come.  I have learnt that although the online world is intimidating it isn’t always dangerous as long as you are smart and aware of what you are doing.  Teaching vulnerable youth the tools and information about online safety is important for their overall personal safety and now I feel confident through this class to be able to teach them to be more aware!

Another amazing contribution to my learning was the brief outlines, tricks and tips for all of the apps and programs that I can potentially use when I am a teacher.  These are useful tools to have and to actually have the opportunity to see in action is amazing (Katia I have let Christine Massing know that you have See Saw set up to teach about it).  Having all of these tools always available to myself as a list now is going to be a great asset to my hopefully future classroom.  I am so excited to try, fail, and retry many of these with my students.

Some of the programs that I was able to really learn about and explore was first WordPress, having no identity online is not a good thing.  By learning WordPress and exploring the different features of it I was able to begin my online portfolio.  I learnt how to change the displays and organize the blog neatly and professionally. Another app that I was able to explore was See Saw which was a very interesting and beneficial app to my growth to becoming a teacher.  Also, I got the opportunity to briefly explore Bitly which is an app that shortens URLs making it easier for your students to type in a URL.  Another amazing program that I was able to explore was tweetdeck, which made me twitter chats a lot easier which too is a very beneficial program that is able to help me communicate better with fellow aspiring teachers and teachers in the field.

I have also learnt briefly the skill of signlanguage, which is something that I have really found interesting the ability to learn and explore through the online world and also through learning networking.  I have learnt a lot from my fellow classmates blogs and really had fun with this learning.


EDTC 300

Coding, Coding, Coding

Hey ladies and gents! I have to first off tell you all about my AMAZING life changing discovery – some of you probably know it already so remember this is a judgement free zone!  Doing a presentation in my ECS class today I know standing at the computer clcick the mouse to switch slides is just BORING, and I knew if I could get it on my phone somehow I would be able to switch it from my phone to my computer right? Technology is advanced and if I can edit it on my phone I should be able to link it all together some way or another!  Well I googled and first thing I tried was an AIO remote app and let me tell you – nothing it didn’t work at all (or well for me anyways)! So I continued to hit google again and to keep searching and I found with a google add on called “remote for slides” (how simple) I could get an id for a website and then access the website on my phone and then click away to my desire for my presentation!!  BONUS MARKS FOR ME!

But to continue onto tonight’s journey I attempted and succeeded at coding!

I began with the coding academy which for beginners it wasn’t too bad, but moving onto the next level it became difficult and I didn’t really understand AT ALL what I was doing! So, rightfully so I wanted the fun one! So I switched over to code and chose the Minecraft coding program (I was going to call it a game, but I don’t think that’s what it’s about).  I really enjoyed this one, and it really actually made sense what I was doing and as a person who doesn’t read instructions I was able to figure it out.

How lame! My pictures are distorted and they are really hard to see! I HAVE AN IDEA I will make a quick little video with them! (I apparently did not share what all I did on Minecraft, so I guess you will have to try it for yourself :))


ESCI 302

The Beauty of Inquiry learning


I believe that inquiry based teaching offers an incredible amount of love and appreciation to environmental education.  Your students aren’t just taking a pen and putting it to paper to share why they love Mother Earth and all that she has to offer, but instead they are living and breathing all the things that she has to offer them.  Writing down answers to a test is a temporary knowledge that many students forget as soon as the test is over, but living and creating memories lasts students a life time.

My picture I created is of the love and appreciation that inquiry based teaching offers to Mother Earth, an appreciation of all the different land formations, water, and trees of Mother Earth.

The only meaningful inquiry cycles I have participated in is through my career as and Early Childhood Education, where I would take what the children were interested in and then surround their everyday learning around their interests.  This is where I learnt that no matter what you are studying or learning about, it can be taught in every class possible.  For example a learning process about bugs can be taught through science in relation to habitats, health in life cycles, or diet, gym in pretending to be a bug and also trying the various movements of the bugs, English in reading about bugs and their habitats.

By engaging your students and teaching them through their interests they are more interested in what they are being taught and the learning can branch off in various directions.

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Preparing for the video of the semester.

Hey guys!

This video is slightly behind schedule and no better day to post then Easter Sunday, right?  Anyways this coming week myself and Hayley are planning on having a video conversation, so I guess I better brush up on my signing for the video so I don’t make a complete fool of myself haha!  So, as you can imagine my computer is filled with all kinds of signing videos for me to post, and I guess I should probably share each and everyone for yourselves.

It was slightly hard to figure out exactly what to sign because as this semester has showed me, you do not sign every single word that you want to say.  So, basically I guessed and I hope everything is right and if it’s not, well I tried.

What I am going to do below is share what I am saying and then I am going to post videos on how I am planning on saying it, in the order and if I am wrong please let me know!


Regan: Hey, how are you?

So first I would obviously sign hey, and then how are you?  I found this video VERY helpful when learning how are you, I watched and learnt through another video early on in the semester but this video really walks you through exactly how to sign and where your hands should be!

Then I am saying:

Regan: I am good, I found a video that seems very dated and some of his words kind of seemed ignorant.  However, I guess the most important thing is that I learnt how to sign I am good, so here’s the video!

Then I say Regan: Ya! It has snowed so much this year.

So I thought I knew how to sign yes, but just to make sure I searched it up (but couldn’t upload the video), which is something I have learnt is that you can search and find anything you want! Then I discovered an amazing signing dictionary website, where I learnt a few different words like snow, year, and cold.  For a lot I found this page that showed me the walk through of the hands, but since it was still images I found it difficult to follow, but I guess I know how to sign a lot.

I found it difficult to search up how to sign this: Regan:  ya, at least it hasn’t been that cold. So I think I am just going to say ya, not cold this year instead.  I couldn’t find at least anywhere (anyone will an idea let a girl know).  

Regan: oh yes, with marshmallows so good! 

Then I learnt how to sign marshmallows through just a you tube video, which it all kind of makes sense because of how marshmallows look.  Which I obviously reached my video limit so I am going to try hyperlinking to the video.

Then when looking up how to say my last sentence which is: Regan: sounds great, lets go. I found another great website, which showed me the last few words that I needed to look up which were sounds, and Let’s go.

I am so excited to make this video with Hayley so stay tuned!  


EDTC 300

Bitly is changing lives?

Okay, maybe Bitly isn’t changing as many lives as the title may suggest, but it is however making teaching a little easier.  I know the days of guiding your teachers to a website step by step is somewhat in the past, but I know for sure it will be now when the links to websites that I need are shortened to just a few characters.  Signing up was easy and free so basically anyone can do it!

So just to be clear Bitly shortens URLS for yourself and makes it easier for you to make longer tweets!  For some more uses see the video below!

According to their website their extension is changing lives for business people, and companies around the world.  With their Bitly URL count being a HUGE number somewhat puts it into perspectives… BUT is something this easy so life changing really as good as it seems?

The Reviews that I found here are mostly positive, but also mostly from large business people who are using bitly for marketing and getting their brand around.  There are obviously some special tricks that I need to learn about according to some of these reviews — Like being able to make sure a client clicks on the link and doesn’t just ignore it… client or parent if you need something read maybe this is the way to do it…

Wow, this video is amazing for some easy tips and tricks for us to learn and follow along too!

ECS 210

What perspective are these books read from?

How has your upbringing/schooling shaped how you you “read the world?” What biases and lenses do you bring to the classroom? How might we unlearn / work against these biases?

I have always been somewhat of a book nerd, talking to the school librarian about her newest book and recommendations that she has for me to read next, and finding my own series and reading it from the first page to the last page of the last book.  My mom was always reading so it is something I fell in love with at a young age and even today when I am not too bust reading text books you will usually see me reading some form of book.  How I read the world, I guess as a young child to now I usually read like sad stories about people that are somewhat realistic.  In elementary and high school I would read war books, settling books, books about people struggling.

Biases that when thinking hard I am aware of, but definitely not proud of are:

People from other times, countries, and races are sad, not in the fact that their life is sad but they have bad things happen to them.  That maybe they deserve pity because of their misfortunes.

I bring to the classroom through reading, is that people who are white have relatively good lives, and if they don’t it is usually their own fault.

I think in many ways I have began to work against these biases (and I am sure I have a lot more and just aren’t thinking of them) is becoming educated.  I believe who I am has a person as improved the more educated I have become.

B. Which “single stories” were present in your own schooling? Whose truth mattered?

Through school I only remember reading about middle – upper class white people, they were the utmost importance.  White people mattered and always have mattered over everybody else…  (what bologna)

EDTC 300

Approach with caution

I do write this blog with extreme caution, and as I write it I am carefully considering each and every word that I type.  The internet is a very powerful tool that if not used appropriately can destroy lives within seconds, but also has the potential to save lives as well.  It is a very overwhelming thing that sits in our laps, in our hands, or on a table, desk, etc.  When used for evil can causes heartache, embarrassment, shame, and hurt in an instant.  I have been the teenager that was behind a computer whose life could have been destroyed, or who could have destroyed a life, when hidden behind a computer screen I felt like I had power – why they knew who I was, my name was not hidden in anyway.  Unfortunately with technology it is not forgive and forget anymore, technology has the power to haunt and remind you of everything that you try to forget, now Facebook wants to remind you what you did last year, two years ago, etc.

I fortunately have not had an encounter with an individual attempting to destroy my life, and thank my lucky stars for that.  I appreciate the help that is out there now and the voices that are being heard about this potential issue.  The Monica Lewinsky video goes to show the power the internet had, lets be honest even before it was a thing.  It is terrifying the effects of shame that is placed upon someone because of the internet, everyone makes mistakes life is about living, learning, and growing as human beings.  I think sometimes the negatives of one life is more focused on then all the good, because society loves gossip and they love drama, so screwing up once feeds society.

The Jon Ronson video explains how the twitter world can destroy a person’s life before a plan even lands.  It describes how society feeds off of someone else’s mistake and blows it up.  How lives can be destroyed because of a tweet within seconds.  We must always remember that our words have power, and things that are trending online are always at the top of the list for people to see as soon as they log on.  One tweet can shape how society views you in the moment, and for the rest of your life, because once one person who doesn’t like it sees it, it will forever be online.

The Amanda Todd, the legacy, and Carol Todd all offer insight into how one mistake can haunt you and ruin you, that in one brief second your life can be ruined because of someone else.  The YouTube video that has gone viral shows the pain that one may go through because of an instant in their lives, how a story becomes “never ending”.  How learning where people live, and knowing how to destroy their lives and doing it is overwhelming especially if it is a child behind the screen.  Teaching people about this is something the Carol Todd stresses, and I feel like because of the harm that this tool can cause it is important to teach about it, and share with others because in an instant someone’s life can forever be changed.  Kids make mistakes, adults make mistakes, and everyone in between so I think it is awful that one moment in between can determine someone else’s outcome.

I truly appreciate when Carol Todd was approached with negativity and cruelty she replied with grace and acceptance, and determined that the person who was behind the rude remarks was someone who needed help and I also think that so many people just need someone to help them through the hard times.  Also her four walls, really puts into perspective the “four walls” of dealing with situations and the opportunities that people are faced during the hard times.  But at the end of the day everyone has a story like Carol Todd states, and no one should be judge because of one chapter in their story.