EDTC 300

Working out the kinks, and getting to know the power of feedly.

Feedly has the power to replace all of my free time with interesting blogs, articles, and information surrounding topics that I am interested and of my own choosing.  I have basically only dipped my toes in with a two day delay with technical difficulties but now that I have worked out the kinks I have been readings and learning of interesting topics.  Now that I have downloaded the app there is no stopping me now, and I have things to replace my habit of binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 4th time!

I think many inspiring teachers can share in the interest I have for Ted talks, they are informative, empowering, and very insightful as an upcoming teacher.  I could binge watch Ted talks for hours on end.  The topics that they discuss, the information that they carry can move you and help you understand the importance of many issues that our youth face within their everyday lives.  Also, I have followed many pages surrounding social justice issues.  Since beginning this journey of education I have grown personally and learnt so much about social justice issues, and have come to learn that ignorance is just the lack of education (for some).  I feel like as an aspiring educator you should learnt the most you can and understand as much to better help students and maybe help you understand the troubles that they may face as well.  But putting my teaching career aside understanding social justice issues help against your own ignorance, stereotypes, etc that you may face without have the education and knowing.

Look at all the interesting things I can read, learn and watch!


EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Things I am hoping to be able to sign sooner rather than later…

Hey everyone! this is my second learning post blog for edtech 300 and it is quite difficult but I am trying to work on a few single sentences, or phrases.

  1. Do you know how to sign?
  2. What’s up?
  3. How are you?
  4. Want to get coffee?
  5. What is your text number?
  6. I love you. (Friendly)
  7. Can you teach me sign?

These are all from one video but I find it difficult to move my hands smoothly so I am going to continue to watch this video (be aware of the not so awesome music) until I can say these sayings smoothly… So basically ASL is going to take over my life! Just kidding but it isn’t going to happen over night!  I am going to have to watch this video a few more times in order to say all of these phrases, but it’s coming along!

ECS 210

Don’t just stand there… Stand up!

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. ” – Paulo Freire.

This is a quote that I have been talking about and thinking about often within my pursue to getting my degree… Sometimes not saying anything is saying everything to the person that is powerless.  In conversations within seminar and other classes we have talked about teachers not sticking up for students and letting the bullying happen and that’s not ok! As an inspiring teacher it is not just our job to teach our students subjects we need to teach them, help them, and guide them.  I think it is heartbreaking to hear some of the stories of students struggles when teachers hear but don’t help, you could make the world of difference for one student!

This quote related to the hidden curriculum, not everything you teach is laid out within the curriculum but teaching them important life lessons is equally important.  In too many children’s lives school is their safe place, so we need to be respectful of this.

ESCI 302

Becoming the recycling queen!

Hey guys, so I know lame topic but what I am going to do to take a “leap” into action to help save the planet is to start to recycle more… or I guess to just start.  I obviously do the cans and bottles to get money (I mean don’t most university students need ALL the money they can scrape up?) but that’s where it stops.  So I have decided to not only just recycle but I am going to try and go paperless and plastic-less as much as I possibly can.  In doing this my first mission was to go to Dollarama and buy a blue plastic bin… how ironic? However, after talking to my mom and telling her my plans she told me how ridiculous my plan was to buy something plastic just to use for recycling, her words “don’t you have a plastic grocery bag to use? or a box? or something that you don’t have to buy just to put your recycling in?”… My thoughts in return “um, don’t you have to have that special blue box with the recycling symbol on it just to recycle?… don’t you have to support that blue bin company?” So instead I realized I have a container that serves no purpose to me other than to collect dust in my storage room (more like a closet, but that’s not the point) so low and behold I had a new recycling bin! So in the first hour of this new recycling endevoure while cleaning my dungey old apartment I actually recycled probably 4 x the amount that I threw away… it was crazy and this began my spiral towards leaping farther, I was brain storming things to do or use for my turtle tank filters or things I could do even if it was temporary to cut back my use of buy expensive carbon filters that all I can do is chuck in the garbage after, and what I can do to grocery shop rather then buying things that are wrapped in plastic… the shopping thing was sooo not a success because I am a sucker for chicken nuggets and french fries… both are wrapped in plastic… But hey I tried and I’m trying and me recycling is the leap which is the first step in how I am changing my life for the better of the planet!

“Individuals far wiser that I have said that we get the government we deserve.  That may be true.  But the maples. out most generous of benefactors and most responsible of citizens, do not deserve our government.  They deserve you and me speaking up on their behalf.”  (Kimmerer, 174).  I know that me beginning to recycle is not nearly as important of speaking up and voting but it’s not election time and next time it is I will vote for the government that will protect our natural resources… that are willing to make a leap themselves!

So this is my visual piece… I know it’s not the most beautiful piece ever but it was done on a white board with whiteboard markers (both of which I had at home so I did not buy).  Also, if you have every attempted coloring on a whiteboard I think I did pretty good if I can say so myself :).  It shows that not only am I working on recycling but my mission to try and go paperless and plastic-less.

This was the original box I had found to put my recycling in while cleaning my apartment.  It may not seem like a lot in there however, compared to the handful of stuff that made it’s way into the garbage and the majority of that being turtle tank filters I am pretty darn proud of myself too!  Also, just because he is cute here’s my pet turtle Crush who is going to be in for a rude awakening if or when I can think of an alternative to his carbon filters… any suggestions?

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Being able to communicate with all of my students in a variety of ways…

Hi everyone, this is my learning blog #1 for education technology!

As someone who is an aspiring teacher I believe the power of communication is truly important, and the beauty of language is something that should be encouraged.  Last semester I took ELNG 200 and it truly opened my eyes to the gaps in our communication with others.  I learnt about the struggles that so many people face in their everyday lives just to get around.  A few years ago while working at a daycare I worked one on one with a little girl who wasn’t able to communicate verbally, she was able to understand us but she was non-verbal.  While working with her I researched and googled just a few words to give her basic skills to communicate with me.  However, now as I am pursuing a career in education I believe that importance and power of sign language is an important skill that I should obtain… and what better reason then for a grade in my pursue of a degree… right?

So throughout my learning project I intend to learn a variety of words, sentences, and greetings through sign language so at the end of this I would hope to be able to communicate in some way shape or form, even if it’s not enough it will be a start.  I also found interest while watching the show “Switched at Birth” (no judgement, it’s not the worse!), which gave me very little insight into the challenges that so many face in the deaf community.  So, by using you tube channels and possible some Switched at Birth episodes I hope to learn a variety of words, and sentences.

Before starting this learning project process I already know:

  1. Please
  2. all done
  3. more
  4. thank-you

So ideally in 40 – 50 hours I would hope to add at the very least 40 – 50 words in sign language.

EDTC 300

Just a girl trying to learn the world of technology!

Hey everyone, my name is Regan Luypaert and I am in my second/kinda my third year of the elementary education program at the University of Regina.  I already have a diploma in Early Childhood Education but after being an E.A. for a year I learnt my passion was to become a teacher!  I have a pet turtle who I have owned for approximately 5 years, and a fish that I just got :).

I chose to take the Education Technology class because I feel that it has the most to teach me, as technology in classrooms is constantly growing and changing, I need to keep up with the times and learn and grow with it.   While doing my placement for ECS 100 (I think) I received literally a hour long crash course in the google community, with google docs, and also got to see a Weebly classroom website, all of this was of interest to me but only learning and seeing it for a hour is definitely not long enough.  I also believe that social networks although they may cause trouble as well as good but as an aspiring teacher I believe it is important to learn and use these programs to my advantage, that being said If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter please click the link and follow me!

Blogging really is fairly new to me and other then making my blog more interesting I really enjoy it… I mean ask me that when I’m done doing it for three classes for 3 months and my ideas might change (JK!).  I think that blogging can definitely be fun and truly show who a person is!  Once again blogging is a useful tool for teachers to know and understand so parents can see who they are or what they are doing, but also so aspiring teachers can use the blog to their benefit to teach them hands on skills through each other’s blogs, and to build a network with other aspiring teachers.

I have been looking forward to taking this class and learning everything it has to offer!


ECS 210

My problems with the Tyler rationale

The ways in which you may have experience the Tyler rationale in your own schooling?

The Tyler rationale was throughout many areas of my education, where teachers were more concerned about what they were teaching or telling their students then what they were actually understanding.  As a child who struggled through most of her education as “being lost in the system” I have honestly said that none of my teachers really paid attention to how I learnt and only truly cared about what I learnt.  Although I learned many coping methods and my mom assisted me throughout all of my schooling I made it through the test after test after test, but barely.

Another way that the rationale was used in our schools was those tests that the whole school division did to see what you learnt in specific classes and they didn’t even care what child knew what they only truly cared about what school learnt what.  Like for instance we did one for math where this brown envelope was delivered and we didn’t even have to put our names on it, and we all did the test and it went back into the envelope marked “Whitewood School” and was sent to division to see what exactly we knew.

What are the major limitations of the Tyler rationale/what does it make impossible?

I think the limitations of the Tyler rationale is that many students will learning delays or disabilities it doesn’t take into consideration their needs to succeed, or students who struggle don’t have the supports that they need to learn best.  Many students unfortunately don’t have a parent that will help them through their schooling (I believe it is even less now a days), so only focussing on the end results doesn’t help many students.  This rationale isn’t stopping the trend of kids struggling through school until they eventually drop out, it’s not helping the teen that just moved to Canada who doesn’t know English, the times are changing and I think the school systems need to make changes as well.

 What are some potential benefits/what is made possible?

I’m sure there are potential benefits to this rationale, seeing as it has been around for awhile however it doesn’t benefit enough students.  I guess this rationale show’s exactly who knows what when teaching a specific way and it is an easy way for teachers to teach one way to 30 kids it’s just not practical especially in today’s society.

ESCI 302

C.J.1: Living in fast forward

Hey everyone this is my picture that I created in regards to my relation with my environment.  This picture represents the two environments that I encounter within my life.  While being apart of nature, and getting away from my everyday environment I feel like my life pauses and I can truly appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.  I stop and realize how blue that water is, how green the trees are, and the various colors that I see that surround me as I am one with nature.  Life truly slows down and I am able to appreciate everything that the environment has to offer me.  While the second picture and it’s dullness represents my everyday life.  I often feel as if my life is on fast forward and nothing new, or exciting ever happens within it.  My daily environment is often taken for granted, and is seen as colorless.  I seem to appreciate nature when I am in it or away from it and often don’t appreciate my daily life and everything that it has to offer…


ECS 210

Common Sense within the schools

Kumashiro’s definition of common sense is that reoccurring and never changing curriculum or teachings within the school system.  It is believed to be something that everyone knows and understands, and has been occurring, or the same for awhile.  The problems that arise with common sense in the school system is that things have been/are oppressive teachings or teaching styles, and that common-sense teaching or teaching styles that are being repeated are encouraging such things as discrimination and privilege.  The difficulty of common sense is that it is usually within someone’s comfort zone, because not many people want to be the change, or experience change because to many change is scary and intimidating.  However, if no one is willing to change these common senses of teaching then these oppressive lessons will forever be apart of society, and as a human species no one is going to become a better person.

I think it is very important to pay attention to the common senses of teaching and everyday life because we are shaping the next generation and are strongly influencing the future society, and by today we should be working to become a better society, with better people, and a better understanding of the past oppression, racism, and other isms that we have learnt about and continue to learn about.    I also think being aware of and paying close attention to common senses around teaching we will be better able to understand how not to do things, and how not to teach them.