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Miskåsowin Blog #5

Through this process, I have learned that sitting in a desk isn’t the only way that people learn, in fact in many ways this hinders the learning that is being taught.  I really appreciated and got a lot of information out of the carousel conversating, talking topics over with people that I don’t always get to talk with, and really getting their point of view and in some ways more knowledge or a better understanding.  This opened my eye to the fact that there is a lot of learning to be done alongside your peers.

I also really appreciated the knowledge that the group shared with myths, and names that our province and city hold onto.  It was really great to see some of the truths behind myths that I hear, and know are incorrect.  But also it pushed me to learn more about the myths that I hear so I can educate people when the topic arises.  For the most part, I have always removed myself from a subject that I don’t know enough about to talk about, but learning about the history of the people that schools and streets are named after, really pushed me to explore the truth behind names, and the history of our province and city.