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Well, that’s a wrap!

Well folks, I hate to break it to you but this is not only my last learning project blog, it is my last assignment of the semester, and my last blog for at least 3 weeks.  I am supper excited!  Well here are the last 10 blog posts all rolled up into one final blog!  I am going to share the deep and dirty secrets of each week, and then let you know what resources I discovered along the way, and what I would do differently.

Weekly Summaries! 

Week One:

Well this week was when I decided that I was going to do ASL as my learning project, I find language a beautiful thing (maybe because I like to talk), but ASL is often a language that goes un-noticed.  In the past I have worked with babies through baby signing, my nephew learnt it when he was young and also worked with children who’s main language was ASL.  Obviously it is very important to communicate with your students in a variety of way, so I thought this would be a great skill in my classroom!

Also, in the past I have watched the show “Switched at Birth” and really was interested in watching the signs and then reading the subtitles, often I even paused the show after they signed to read what they had just said.  This was really painful and time consuming!  Also, I found that they signed really fast (which obviously, like I talk really fast).  I guess when you perfect something you go fast as long as people can keep up!  I was really excited and couldn’t wait to start this journey!


Week Two:

This was the week that I learnt just a few phrases:

  1. Do you know how to sign?
  2. What’s up?
  3. How are you?
  4. Want to get coffee?
  5. What is your text number?
  6. I love you. (Friendly)
  7. Can you teach me sign?

I was literally like a kid playing police officer, you know the one handing out tickets all weekend long.  Well, instead of tickets I was signing to everyone I saw, and I went and saw family, so I signed a lot!  These phrases were fairly easy to remember and do, so it was a great way to start.  The video that I found was awesome, and by starting off here I didn’t get discouraged.  However, now that I have kind of wrapped up my learning I only remember a few of the signs for a few of the words.  I guess that’s why its easier to learn a language if you are immersed in it.  It’s true I guess, if you don’t use it you lose it!


Week Three:

This was week one of trying out the alphabet, and let me tell you that was easier said than done!  I struggled, my hands hurt, and my fingers did not want to work as fast as I needed them to.  Even now, one or two times through the alphabet and my knuckles are killing me! Which I learnt too that you should stretch your hands out before signing, and after – who would have thunk it?

I also would not have imagined that it would be taking me more than a week to learn the simplest alphabet, but it did! I almost got discouraged maybe because I thought that this was going to be so easy, maybe because my hands hurt.  But I didn’t think I was ever going to learn it, and if I couldn’t do the alphabet than how was I going to do words and phrases?


Week Four:

Well, I thought I would have somewhat mastered the alphabet by the second week and then moved over and would have had the opportunity to learn it on my left hand too!  But, who was I trying to kid?!  I could barely do it on my dominant hand why would I even think that I could do it on my left?  To be honest, it was a flop I can barely form the peace sign with my left hand let alone 26 letters!  So, I had high hopes once again the crashed down… but I did learn and was able to film the alphabet on the right hand!


Week Five!

Halfway!!, right?

What better way to celebrate the halfway mark than by compiling a video of two weeks of lessons, why didn’t I showcase all of my learning?  Well that’s because I didn’t have anyone to film me the other weeks and didn’t seem to think outside of the box to film myself on my computer or something.  Looking back this video was a great contribution to my learning and my reflection, so I wish I would have done more!  However, this was easy I would review all of the signs then record, then review, and then record.  It made me seem like a pro (maybe not, but I felt like one).  Using the internet as a resource was easy so I could constantly review it regardless where I was because I am one of those people who always have my phone on me!


Week Six:

Why does it seem like the basics are the hardest?  Well, to be honest I feel like maybe the numbers and letters are so much harder because they are harder on the joints and mainly because I was forming them so rigid, where phrases and other words I do smoothly – exactly like the actors on “Switched at Birth”.  So, once again I was struggling with something!  The numbers I didn’t really have a great resources and got confused after the double digit mark so I decided to do some more research and learnt some things for week seven.


Week Seven:

Well this week was a big week, not only did I find a great resource for numbers but I learnt some songs too!  So, I found this great resource on YouTube, and learnt songs and numbers through it.  I even subscribed which was the first thing I subscribed to!  How exciting?! (I know I need a life desperately!

Well, once again I was taken aback and kind of struggling, on something that I was so excited about.  OK, so I wouldn’t say I was struggling but when signing songs and only having to sign a few of the words it’s kind of difficult to remember where you are in the song, and how does it even make sense to students who have hearing impairments when you only sign a few of the words?!  But, I learnt it and this is something I have taken to work with me – when I’m singing with the kids (poor kids, I can’t sing to save my life) I have started to sign along with the few songs that I learnt.  The kids actually have even started following along with me.


Week Eight:

This was a big week, I really wanted to succeed at the video that I was making with Hayley, so I found numerous resources and videos and practiced, practiced, practiced.  I really liked this blog mainly because all of my resources were in one place, which was super helpful when it came time to record the video!  My blog became my own resource.  I mean it kind of sucked because I wasn’t able to have all of the videos in the same blog I ended up having to put links, but hey it worked.


Week Nine:

The week of the video!  I was so excited and honestly didn’t have to do more than record my own signing.  I recorded myself and Hayley put the video together and I put it into my blog.  I know I got the easy way out, but hey she’s amazing what can I say?!  So, with one final week left of the assignment I decided to do what everyone does at the end of a unit and I was going to go over everything one last time!


Week Ten:

Was a review period, and I went through and reviewed all of the signs I have learnt this semester!  It was almost as if I was preparing for the end of the semester test.  I reviewed and practiced all of the signs one last time.  I am also so happy that I reached my goal!  I may have set the bar low, but I reached it so that’s a win in my eyes!

Resources I would/would not recommend:

  1. Eight Friendly Phrases in American Sign Language – This video was easy, slow and great resources for the easy signs.  I WOULD recommend it.
  2. Five Quick Tips for Signing the ASL Alphabet – These are some great tips, especially if your hands get sore while signing it, give it a read.  I WOULD recommend it.
  3. ABC song/ASL alphabet – American Version – This song moved super fast, it had cute music.  I would not recommend it because of the speed.
  4. The ASL app – This app was great, you can slow the signs down or keep them normal and follow along.  I WOULD recommend it!
  5. Numbers 1 – 30 ASL – This video moved quickly, but it gave you a various views.  But since it doesn’t give you the numbers that it is currently signing I got lost and confused.  I would not recommend it, because I found a better number video on Communication Junction channel.
  6. Communication Junction – Seriously find them on YouTube, I really enjoyed these channel and even subscribed.  I WOULD recommend it.
  7. Signing Time – This website was great.  I have found that I learn ASL better through videos, and this website had numerous words and videos.  I WOULD recommend it.
  8. YouTube – Many of the videos I used and things I learnt I found atleast one video on YouTube, if you ever want to learn ASL YouTube is a great resource.  I WOULD recommend it.
  9. Pro Deaf – This is an app that I just found, but haven’t checked out so I am going to put it here but I don’t know if I would recommend it or not.


What would I do differently?

One thing I would do differently which is a major difference than what I did is, I would have some organization to this madness.  I wish I would have outlined what I wanted to learn each week, then maybe things would have flowed nicely, rather than flying by the seat of my pants.

What did I learn?

  1. Resources are everything.
  2. Sometimes the things you think might be easy are hard than one would think.
  3. You don’t sign every single word!


Once last note, I really enjoyed this learning project – probably because I got to choose the topic, which is something I think is important to remember when getting students to do assignments!

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Final week – Final ASL blog!

Well folks, since this is my final ASL blog I thought that it would be a great week to use my personal blog as a resource and go over everything for a final time. I mean I hope to continue to learn, but since it’s the end of the semester I wanted to review what I have learnt.  After all, this is what we as teachers do at the end of a semester, we review and quiz.  I am lucky though there isn’t a test on this!

So here’s everything I have learnt:

  1. Do you know how to sign?
  2. What’s up?
  3. How are you?
  4. Want to get coffee?
  5. What is your text number?
  6. I love you. (Friendly)
  7. Can you teach me sign?
  8. Alphabet
  9. Alphabet on both hands (fail)
  10. What time is it?
  11. Call me
  12. Drink
  13. Eat
  14. Hungry
  15. Full
  16. Sleep
  17. Thumbs up
  18. Thumbs down
  19. Tall
  20. Short
  21. Big
  22. Thin
  23. Type
  24. Text
  25. Write
  26. Picture
  27. Crazy (something I knew growing up)
  28. Not feeling well
  29. cold
  30. Hot
  31. Whew
  32. Peace
  33. Peace out
  34. Cut it out
  35. No dice
  36. All Good
  37. All perfect
  38. Walk
  39. Run
  40. Drive
  41. Bike
  42. Numbers
  43. You are my Sunshine
  44. Twinkle Twinkle little Star
  45. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  46. Video Preparation!

So, overall I reached my goal of learning over 40 words or phrases, and even learnt some songs!

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Preparing for the video of the semester.

Hey guys!

This video is slightly behind schedule and no better day to post then Easter Sunday, right?  Anyways this coming week myself and Hayley are planning on having a video conversation, so I guess I better brush up on my signing for the video so I don’t make a complete fool of myself haha!  So, as you can imagine my computer is filled with all kinds of signing videos for me to post, and I guess I should probably share each and everyone for yourselves.

It was slightly hard to figure out exactly what to sign because as this semester has showed me, you do not sign every single word that you want to say.  So, basically I guessed and I hope everything is right and if it’s not, well I tried.

What I am going to do below is share what I am saying and then I am going to post videos on how I am planning on saying it, in the order and if I am wrong please let me know!


Regan: Hey, how are you?

So first I would obviously sign hey, and then how are you?  I found this video VERY helpful when learning how are you, I watched and learnt through another video early on in the semester but this video really walks you through exactly how to sign and where your hands should be!

Then I am saying:

Regan: I am good, I found a video that seems very dated and some of his words kind of seemed ignorant.  However, I guess the most important thing is that I learnt how to sign I am good, so here’s the video!

Then I say Regan: Ya! It has snowed so much this year.

So I thought I knew how to sign yes, but just to make sure I searched it up (but couldn’t upload the video), which is something I have learnt is that you can search and find anything you want! Then I discovered an amazing signing dictionary website, where I learnt a few different words like snow, year, and cold.  For a lot I found this page that showed me the walk through of the hands, but since it was still images I found it difficult to follow, but I guess I know how to sign a lot.

I found it difficult to search up how to sign this: Regan:  ya, at least it hasn’t been that cold. So I think I am just going to say ya, not cold this year instead.  I couldn’t find at least anywhere (anyone will an idea let a girl know).  

Regan: oh yes, with marshmallows so good! 

Then I learnt how to sign marshmallows through just a you tube video, which it all kind of makes sense because of how marshmallows look.  Which I obviously reached my video limit so I am going to try hyperlinking to the video.

Then when looking up how to say my last sentence which is: Regan: sounds great, lets go. I found another great website, which showed me the last few words that I needed to look up which were sounds, and Let’s go.

I am so excited to make this video with Hayley so stay tuned!  


EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Let’s sign some songs!

Hey guys, I am going to spruce up this blog some more so please, please give me some trick and tips.  This week I learnt some songs in sign language, and I was REALLY shocked to see that they didn’t include signs for every word, so then how do people who are hard of hearing really know the song??  This is I found really unfortunate but then also found it was easy for myself so I guess that was a plus!

The first song I learnt was “Baa baa black sheep” I chose this song only because it was definitely one of my favorite songs to listen to when I was younger, and really thought it was going to be easy to learn and remember! However, I found it super easy to learn but because you literally only sign: black, sheep, master, dame, little boy, lane, three and yes.  So I had to obviously learn only 8 words!

The second song I chose was because it was on the right hand side bar under “Up Next” so definitely took the easy way out on this one!  Also, I am actually kinda shocked because I know when I have sang this song for the kids at the daycare I work at, I was honestly expecting the same signs that I would use whenever I sang it, however this was not the case!  I really like how Abbey in these songs introduce the actions before singing the song!  This song had a lot more signs for the words and also found it interesting that a lot of the signs “made sense” in my head for what they represented which made this song easier to learn!

Ok, so last but not least for this week’s learning videos that I study was the song “You are my Sunshine”, because honestly who doesn’t love this song!  But this song to there are hardly any signs for the whole song, which has to be difficult.  But this lady is awesome for going through each song slowly first then going through the song after teaching it.  Which I guess is something that I learnt when I was in ECE classes, I was taught to teach the words slowly then to do the song as a whole after – so really why would it be different if you are teaching the song through signing or words!

WOW, take a side step right now! Abbey, is so instructional and her explanation of where your hand should be facing while doing numbers really told me how wrong I have been doing them! FAIL!  Oh well, I live and learn and now I know how to sign PROPERLY my numbers from 1-20 because of how informative she is!


This week’s learning really was fun, and something that I will use within my classroom if I teach the young enough grades (lets be real older kids wont want to hear my voice), but I guess would they have to hear my voice if I chose to just teach the song through signing?  Food for thought I guess!

I hope you enjoy the videos and learn a song to two, because this lady is awesome and I even found myself searching her channel (I think that’s what it is called.  If anyone who is doing signing wants to check her out, the link for her channel is here!

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

One, two, what!?

Ugh! Guys this whole signing numbers is very difficult and the ASL app didn’t give me enough information on how to make the numbers once I got to double digits so I had to research elsewhere in order to properly do them! This video from YouTube seemed to help, but I only wish I could slow down his actions! Numbers, I find are fairly easy once you get the basic hand movements and gestures done, and once you finally get how to do double digit numbers then it is smooth sailing to the next set (tenth digit, ex. 30).

The only struggle I have with my numbers are the numbers from 10 – 20 and only because the gentleman in the video goes too fast and do we really have to wave them three times, maybe I guess I should research more!

I unfortunately didn’t get a video done this week, only because I had no one to video tape it!!! But stay tuned you never know what is in store for next week!

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Signing like a champ!

Hey guys! Here is a video of almost everything I have practiced and done.  I didn’t include the stuff that I did the first week, but will include a video of that with the stuff I am working on this week.  The app that I downloaded “The ASL App” is the most helpful and beneficial for myself, however I found that my angle or positioning of the letters and such may be slightly off! I discovered Windows Movie Maker is easy to use, so that’s exciting!!

Here is my YouTube video! Please don’t just my facial expression or appearance, and the video is pretty lame because it has no sounds because the dog decided to have a party while videoing!

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Alphabet is harder then sayings!

Ok, so I thought by the end of this week I would have mastered the alphabet on both hands… I obviously didn’t know what I was in for even though I worked on my letters all last week and this week.  But I give up and I am moving on to simple phrases I thought I would do numbers but I find the sayings were a lot easier and I would like to do a video and would like to show skill not struggle through it.

I don’t really understand why it is so hard for my hands to make the letters but it is.  I can do the video (doesn’t matter which one they all show me the 26 letters) only 2 times then my hands start cramping so much!  So I do the suggestion and stretch them and massage them and try again but they just don’t want to move the way they have to for the letters.  I also find that the transition between letters isn’t as easy as I thought – I get it though because it would be hard to notice the difference between letters that look similar.

So sorry folks but I promise my blog post will be a lot more interesting next week when I have a video and I promise you a video (if i can figure it out how to post it haha)


See ya next week when I have something to show for myself.

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Not exactly sure what’s harder ASL or French!

This is better late then never… right?

I have been waiting to post because I was hoping that I would have perfected the Alphabet by now, which unfortunately I have not.  I don’t know why but I am struggling with the hand, and finger placements.  I am researching to find tips on exactly how it should look, and trying videos but so far no such luck on perfection.  I really enjoyed this video because of the music, maybe if it gets stuck in my head the signs will as well!

Also after seeing the title of this blog pop on my news feed, I decided that I too maybe should take it back to the basics and learn the alphabet.  I actually took the time tonight to read the blog and downloaded some of the apps that she suggested – maybe they will help more for the perfection of the alphabet signs that I am going to practice.  (Also once I remember how to link her blog to this post I will be doing that as well).  She’s onto something definitely!

I found one site that gave me tips on sign language, and found it very useful my hands were sore after trying the alphabet just once! So I am taking this website’s advice and going to perfect the alphabet – as for perfecting it on both hands, I don’t think my left hand moves that way!  If I perfect it by next week I will try to upload a video – possibly trying to do it with both hands!

Also if the perfection happens sooner rather then later I will try and work on numbers… I’ll let you know what one I get too next week!

I will keep you all update, but I think struggling through French 100 was easier then this!

Have a great week everyone,

See you next week… REGAN (below are the signs for each letter).


EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Things I am hoping to be able to sign sooner rather than later…

Hey everyone! this is my second learning post blog for edtech 300 and it is quite difficult but I am trying to work on a few single sentences, or phrases.

  1. Do you know how to sign?
  2. What’s up?
  3. How are you?
  4. Want to get coffee?
  5. What is your text number?
  6. I love you. (Friendly)
  7. Can you teach me sign?

These are all from one video but I find it difficult to move my hands smoothly so I am going to continue to watch this video (be aware of the not so awesome music) until I can say these sayings smoothly… So basically ASL is going to take over my life! Just kidding but it isn’t going to happen over night!  I am going to have to watch this video a few more times in order to say all of these phrases, but it’s coming along!