EDTC 300

Digital Citizens of the next generation

I strongly believe that digital citizenship is going to be a crucial part of my future students and classroom’s learning environment, hence why I am taking this class so I can learn, grow, and teach about this evolving information.  I think all of my students will have an online profile in which they are going to have to learn about and learn about the safety aspects that they need to be aware of.

What do you see as the major challenges around teaching digital citizenship in the classroom?

I think teaching about digital citizenship is going to be challenging because of the always evolving network that the students are going to be exposed to, and the always changing access to sites that they have.  As a teacher who is teaching this topic you always have to be “with the times” and I struggle being “with the times” enough when it comes to my peers, let alone a younger generation.  Another challenge I see arising is the every changing personalities that come with the over exposure to the online world, and I feel like the students whom I teach are going to be far different then the who the students were when I was a child or even the students now.

How do you see digital citizenship fitting into the curriculum? 

I think that teaching about the safeties of digital citizenship is going to be included in the curriculum and the many windows that are open within the apps.  I also strongly believe that creating a digital citizenship for the students online is also going to be included in the curriculum whether it be the hidden curriculum or the written up Saskatchewan curriculum.  Let’s face is in today’s society knowing about technology and what it has to offer is crucial to getting jobs.

What topics that we discussed were particularly interesting to you and why? 

There are so many things that we have discussed that have been interesting to myself.  I think even learning about the different blogs, screen casting, and app blockers have changed my life already and have been interesting to myself.  I also enjoyed learning about the Nine elements of digital citizenship was interesting, and learning how quickly things can travel over cyberspace.

One beneficial thing that has truly changed my life is the twitter world and all that it has to offer – especially the twitter chats that are available to anyone!


The world of technology is a crucial part to teaching and learning in today’s world and teaching about the safety behind all of it is very important to students, peers, and the older generation (my mom in particular).

EDTC 300

Technology is opening many doors – but also has many open doors.

Not that I think I am like really old or anything but as a young(ish) adult I have experienced many changes within the internet craze.  I was around with the good ol’ dial up internet and the glory days of MSN, I was the naïve teenager messaging randoms on yahoo chat not knowing the dangers that potentially lurked behind the other screen.  I didn’t understand how quickly things could spread until I was older – I guess I didn’t know how truly fast things could spread until this present day!

I think it is crucial for students and teachers to understand the importance safe internet and teaching this to our students on how to be safe – and knowing for ourselves.  Understanding the dangers that could potentially occur when we are not responsible or not aware of what is happening.  I think technology is important and crucial for teaching in today’s society and it could teach a lot of people the many things you have to offer your students and your community but in one wrong move you could also show that one wrong mistake could be looked at more times then the positives.

I think that it is super important to remember two specific points:

  1. In class when Katia mentioned that there aren’t two lives in young people’s life – their online and offline lives are joint. That we need to remember that who they are in in the online life.
  2. In the video when Wesch mentions that technology joints many aspects of our lives and other’s.

Participatory communities is a very important aspect to bring everyone closer.  I feel honestly hidden behind a computer helps people open up – I mean for 3 out of 5 classes I am blogging all of my thoughts some personal – some not so much.  But I, myself can be who I want to be hidden behind the computer sitting in my lap then I would sitting in a classroom with my peers.  I think too this is what also makes people fighting on the internet so easy!


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Alphabet is harder then sayings!

Ok, so I thought by the end of this week I would have mastered the alphabet on both hands… I obviously didn’t know what I was in for even though I worked on my letters all last week and this week.  But I give up and I am moving on to simple phrases I thought I would do numbers but I find the sayings were a lot easier and I would like to do a video and would like to show skill not struggle through it.

I don’t really understand why it is so hard for my hands to make the letters but it is.  I can do the video (doesn’t matter which one they all show me the 26 letters) only 2 times then my hands start cramping so much!  So I do the suggestion and stretch them and massage them and try again but they just don’t want to move the way they have to for the letters.  I also find that the transition between letters isn’t as easy as I thought – I get it though because it would be hard to notice the difference between letters that look similar.

So sorry folks but I promise my blog post will be a lot more interesting next week when I have a video and I promise you a video (if i can figure it out how to post it haha)


See ya next week when I have something to show for myself.

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Not exactly sure what’s harder ASL or French!

This is better late then never… right?

I have been waiting to post because I was hoping that I would have perfected the Alphabet by now, which unfortunately I have not.  I don’t know why but I am struggling with the hand, and finger placements.  I am researching to find tips on exactly how it should look, and trying videos but so far no such luck on perfection.  I really enjoyed this video because of the music, maybe if it gets stuck in my head the signs will as well!

Also after seeing the title of this blog pop on my news feed, I decided that I too maybe should take it back to the basics and learn the alphabet.  I actually took the time tonight to read the blog and downloaded some of the apps that she suggested – maybe they will help more for the perfection of the alphabet signs that I am going to practice.  (Also once I remember how to link her blog to this post I will be doing that as well).  She’s onto something definitely!

I found one site that gave me tips on sign language, and found it very useful my hands were sore after trying the alphabet just once! So I am taking this website’s advice and going to perfect the alphabet – as for perfecting it on both hands, I don’t think my left hand moves that way!  If I perfect it by next week I will try to upload a video – possibly trying to do it with both hands!

Also if the perfection happens sooner rather then later I will try and work on numbers… I’ll let you know what one I get too next week!

I will keep you all update, but I think struggling through French 100 was easier then this!

Have a great week everyone,

See you next week… REGAN (below are the signs for each letter).


EDTC 300

What just happened?…

Well I just took part, or well observed for the most part my first ever twitter chat.  I am in a daze and don’t really know what just happened other then to say information was thrown in every direction possible.  I learnt a few things, and they are as followed:

  1. When there is a glowing blue line at the top of the chat that means your scrolling is still clicked off so you are not getting the most up to date tweets as they come in, and it takes awhile to catch up again.
  2. I don’t really care for “Open Mic” nights I think it would have been better if we were all talking about a specific topic not all just throwing ideas around and advice around.
  3. Be aware of who the people are replying to, and try to mentally keep track of who’s saying what.
  4. Don’t plan to do an ed chat on Super Bowl Sunday!

I honestly maybe got a few tips and tricks but since so much was happening I don’t think I necessarily got information that is going to transform my blog into something amazing anytime soon.  I am interested to see what a chat is like with specific topics or questions.

EDTC 300

Working out the kinks, and getting to know the power of feedly.

Feedly has the power to replace all of my free time with interesting blogs, articles, and information surrounding topics that I am interested and of my own choosing.  I have basically only dipped my toes in with a two day delay with technical difficulties but now that I have worked out the kinks I have been readings and learning of interesting topics.  Now that I have downloaded the app there is no stopping me now, and I have things to replace my habit of binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 4th time!

I think many inspiring teachers can share in the interest I have for Ted talks, they are informative, empowering, and very insightful as an upcoming teacher.  I could binge watch Ted talks for hours on end.  The topics that they discuss, the information that they carry can move you and help you understand the importance of many issues that our youth face within their everyday lives.  Also, I have followed many pages surrounding social justice issues.  Since beginning this journey of education I have grown personally and learnt so much about social justice issues, and have come to learn that ignorance is just the lack of education (for some).  I feel like as an aspiring educator you should learnt the most you can and understand as much to better help students and maybe help you understand the troubles that they may face as well.  But putting my teaching career aside understanding social justice issues help against your own ignorance, stereotypes, etc that you may face without have the education and knowing.

Look at all the interesting things I can read, learn and watch!


EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Things I am hoping to be able to sign sooner rather than later…

Hey everyone! this is my second learning post blog for edtech 300 and it is quite difficult but I am trying to work on a few single sentences, or phrases.

  1. Do you know how to sign?
  2. What’s up?
  3. How are you?
  4. Want to get coffee?
  5. What is your text number?
  6. I love you. (Friendly)
  7. Can you teach me sign?

These are all from one video but I find it difficult to move my hands smoothly so I am going to continue to watch this video (be aware of the not so awesome music) until I can say these sayings smoothly… So basically ASL is going to take over my life! Just kidding but it isn’t going to happen over night!  I am going to have to watch this video a few more times in order to say all of these phrases, but it’s coming along!

EDTC 300, Learning Projects

Being able to communicate with all of my students in a variety of ways…

Hi everyone, this is my learning blog #1 for education technology!

As someone who is an aspiring teacher I believe the power of communication is truly important, and the beauty of language is something that should be encouraged.  Last semester I took ELNG 200 and it truly opened my eyes to the gaps in our communication with others.  I learnt about the struggles that so many people face in their everyday lives just to get around.  A few years ago while working at a daycare I worked one on one with a little girl who wasn’t able to communicate verbally, she was able to understand us but she was non-verbal.  While working with her I researched and googled just a few words to give her basic skills to communicate with me.  However, now as I am pursuing a career in education I believe that importance and power of sign language is an important skill that I should obtain… and what better reason then for a grade in my pursue of a degree… right?

So throughout my learning project I intend to learn a variety of words, sentences, and greetings through sign language so at the end of this I would hope to be able to communicate in some way shape or form, even if it’s not enough it will be a start.  I also found interest while watching the show “Switched at Birth” (no judgement, it’s not the worse!), which gave me very little insight into the challenges that so many face in the deaf community.  So, by using you tube channels and possible some Switched at Birth episodes I hope to learn a variety of words, and sentences.

Before starting this learning project process I already know:

  1. Please
  2. all done
  3. more
  4. thank-you

So ideally in 40 – 50 hours I would hope to add at the very least 40 – 50 words in sign language.

EDTC 300

Just a girl trying to learn the world of technology!

Hey everyone, my name is Regan Luypaert and I am in my second/kinda my third year of the elementary education program at the University of Regina.  I already have a diploma in Early Childhood Education but after being an E.A. for a year I learnt my passion was to become a teacher!  I have a pet turtle who I have owned for approximately 5 years, and a fish that I just got :).

I chose to take the Education Technology class because I feel that it has the most to teach me, as technology in classrooms is constantly growing and changing, I need to keep up with the times and learn and grow with it.   While doing my placement for ECS 100 (I think) I received literally a hour long crash course in the google community, with google docs, and also got to see a Weebly classroom website, all of this was of interest to me but only learning and seeing it for a hour is definitely not long enough.  I also believe that social networks although they may cause trouble as well as good but as an aspiring teacher I believe it is important to learn and use these programs to my advantage, that being said If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter please click the link and follow me!

Blogging really is fairly new to me and other then making my blog more interesting I really enjoy it… I mean ask me that when I’m done doing it for three classes for 3 months and my ideas might change (JK!).  I think that blogging can definitely be fun and truly show who a person is!  Once again blogging is a useful tool for teachers to know and understand so parents can see who they are or what they are doing, but also so aspiring teachers can use the blog to their benefit to teach them hands on skills through each other’s blogs, and to build a network with other aspiring teachers.

I have been looking forward to taking this class and learning everything it has to offer!