EDTC 300

Contributing to others, or building a community.

I definitely built a personal learning network over my twitter feed, that has become my professional social network online.  I have literally jumped from following 4 people to almost 100!  It is amazing to read and to get lost in the posts almost everyday, but then of course forgetting to retweet or like everything that was meaningful.  Also, through the google community I was able to comment and help a few times, but not nearly enough – or I just didn’t screen capture enough.  But below are the screen shots I have found.


Also, as required I commented on everyone’s blogs.  However, I unfortunately am going to be honest and left it until the last minute and commented on each person’s blog around two times (some only once).  So, below are links to the comments that I have made on each person’s blog!  Also on comments made on my blog I have commented back engaging in conversation.

Alyssa 1

Alyssa 2

Amy 1

Amy 2

Carley 1

Chelsea 1

Chelsea 2

Conor 1 

Conor 2

Daniel 1

Daniel 2

Danna 1

Danna 2

Deborah 1

Deborah 2

Dianna 1

Dianna 2

Dianna 3

Hailie 1

Hailie 2

Hayley 1

Hayley 2

Jessi 1

Jessi 2

Jessi M 1

Jessi M 2

Julia 1

Julia 2

Kaitlyn 1

Kaitlyn 2

Katelyn 1

Katelyn 2

Kayci 1

Kayci 2

Laura 1

Laura 2

Lisa 1

Lisa 2

Madisson 1

Madisson 2

Manuela 1

Manuela 2

Megan 1

Megan 2

Olivia 1

Olivia 2

*I just learnt that if you highlight the place where you want the link to go and then press “ctrl v” is pastes it without clicking the link button.  Amazing!*

Rebecca 1

Rebecca 2

Rebecca 3

Sarah 1

Sarah 2

Sydney 1

Sydney 2

So, I thought I was being really creative by linking to my comments, but now all I see is a big long list of names that is slightly annoying.  I am not going to switch it because I don’t really know what other way to do it.  Thanks for everything this semester, I really enjoyed it.










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