EDTC 300

Summary of Learning through EDTC 300

Hey folks, here is my summary of learning video where I used screencasting for the first time ever!  It was so easy to use and by having my typed up script hooked up to my t.v. and then recording my computer screen this project was a breeze!


Below is my write up of my script, however I did do some improve.   Overall this course was very helpful and I would definitely recommend it and have to be honest to many classmates!


Hi everyone, my name is Regan Luypaert and before Ed Tech 300 I was afraid of technology and somewhat technologically challenged.  I believe now I was more “technologically challenged” because of my fear of the unknown, unknown of the capacity and unaware of the potential apps and programs that I could use to help me get through every stage of my technology growth.

When First hearing that I would have to be re-downloading and reinstalling twitter to my life, I was less than pleased I found no use for it when I had it originally, why should I get it again?  So, honestly to get the grade I did it, I went through old tweet realizing how immature and ignorant I was years ago and I deleted everyone I followed making twitter my professional form of social media.  Once I was done un-following everyone and blocking them from following me again, I was left with 4 whole people.  That 4 people in only 4 short months grew and not my personal learning network via twitter is following 97 people!  Through my twitter feed every morning or evening I am able to read about everything that my fellow aspiring teachers are finding interesting and what actual real-life teachers are doing in their classes everyday! I am so excited to learn further and explore more through these great mind that inform me through twitter every day, twice a day!

I have always been aware of the potential hazards of the online world which is part of the reason why I have always been somewhat apprehensive.  Amanda Todd was just one story that truly haunted me, but being told that it is up to teachers and adults to teach and inform our students this is something that I was just going to have to over come.  I have learnt that although the online world is intimidating it isn’t always dangerous as long as you are smart and aware of what you are doing.  Teaching vulnerable youth the tools and information about online safety is important for their overall personal safety and now I feel confident through this class to be able to teach them to be more aware!

Another amazing contribution to my learning was the brief outlines, tricks and tips for all of the apps and programs that I can potentially use when I am a teacher.  These are useful tools to have and to actually have the opportunity to see in action is amazing (Katia I have let Christine Massing know that you have See Saw set up to teach about it).  Having all of these tools always available to myself as a list now is going to be a great asset to my hopefully future classroom.  I am so excited to try, fail, and retry many of these with my students.

Some of the programs that I was able to really learn about and explore was first WordPress, having no identity online is not a good thing.  By learning WordPress and exploring the different features of it I was able to begin my online portfolio.  I learnt how to change the displays and organize the blog neatly and professionally. Another app that I was able to explore was See Saw which was a very interesting and beneficial app to my growth to becoming a teacher.  Also, I got the opportunity to briefly explore Bitly which is an app that shortens URLs making it easier for your students to type in a URL.  Another amazing program that I was able to explore was tweetdeck, which made me twitter chats a lot easier which too is a very beneficial program that is able to help me communicate better with fellow aspiring teachers and teachers in the field.

I have also learnt briefly the skill of signlanguage, which is something that I have really found interesting the ability to learn and explore through the online world and also through learning networking.  I have learnt a lot from my fellow classmates blogs and really had fun with this learning.



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