EDTC 300

Coding, Coding, Coding

Hey ladies and gents! I have to first off tell you all about my AMAZING life changing discovery – some of you probably know it already so remember this is a judgement free zone!  Doing a presentation in my ECS class today I know standing at the computer clcick the mouse to switch slides is just BORING, and I knew if I could get it on my phone somehow I would be able to switch it from my phone to my computer right? Technology is advanced and if I can edit it on my phone I should be able to link it all together some way or another!  Well I googled and first thing I tried was an AIO remote app and let me tell you – nothing it didn’t work at all (or well for me anyways)! So I continued to hit google again and to keep searching and I found with a google add on called “remote for slides” (how simple) I could get an id for a website and then access the website on my phone and then click away to my desire for my presentation!!  BONUS MARKS FOR ME!

But to continue onto tonight’s journey I attempted and succeeded at coding!

I began with the coding academy which for beginners it wasn’t too bad, but moving onto the next level it became difficult and I didn’t really understand AT ALL what I was doing! So, rightfully so I wanted the fun one! So I switched over to code and chose the Minecraft coding program (I was going to call it a game, but I don’t think that’s what it’s about).  I really enjoyed this one, and it really actually made sense what I was doing and as a person who doesn’t read instructions I was able to figure it out.

How lame! My pictures are distorted and they are really hard to see! I HAVE AN IDEA I will make a quick little video with them! (I apparently did not share what all I did on Minecraft, so I guess you will have to try it for yourself :))



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