ESCI 302

The Beauty of Inquiry learning


I believe that inquiry based teaching offers an incredible amount of love and appreciation to environmental education.  Your students aren’t just taking a pen and putting it to paper to share why they love Mother Earth and all that she has to offer, but instead they are living and breathing all the things that she has to offer them.  Writing down answers to a test is a temporary knowledge that many students forget as soon as the test is over, but living and creating memories lasts students a life time.

My picture I created is of the love and appreciation that inquiry based teaching offers to Mother Earth, an appreciation of all the different land formations, water, and trees of Mother Earth.

The only meaningful inquiry cycles I have participated in is through my career as and Early Childhood Education, where I would take what the children were interested in and then surround their everyday learning around their interests.  This is where I learnt that no matter what you are studying or learning about, it can be taught in every class possible.  For example a learning process about bugs can be taught through science in relation to habitats, health in life cycles, or diet, gym in pretending to be a bug and also trying the various movements of the bugs, English in reading about bugs and their habitats.

By engaging your students and teaching them through their interests they are more interested in what they are being taught and the learning can branch off in various directions.


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