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Preparing for the video of the semester.

Hey guys!

This video is slightly behind schedule and no better day to post then Easter Sunday, right?  Anyways this coming week myself and Hayley are planning on having a video conversation, so I guess I better brush up on my signing for the video so I don’t make a complete fool of myself haha!  So, as you can imagine my computer is filled with all kinds of signing videos for me to post, and I guess I should probably share each and everyone for yourselves.

It was slightly hard to figure out exactly what to sign because as this semester has showed me, you do not sign every single word that you want to say.  So, basically I guessed and I hope everything is right and if it’s not, well I tried.

What I am going to do below is share what I am saying and then I am going to post videos on how I am planning on saying it, in the order and if I am wrong please let me know!


Regan: Hey, how are you?

So first I would obviously sign hey, and then how are you?  I found this video VERY helpful when learning how are you, I watched and learnt through another video early on in the semester but this video really walks you through exactly how to sign and where your hands should be!

Then I am saying:

Regan: I am good, I found a video that seems very dated and some of his words kind of seemed ignorant.  However, I guess the most important thing is that I learnt how to sign I am good, so here’s the video!

Then I say Regan: Ya! It has snowed so much this year.

So I thought I knew how to sign yes, but just to make sure I searched it up (but couldn’t upload the video), which is something I have learnt is that you can search and find anything you want! Then I discovered an amazing signing dictionary website, where I learnt a few different words like snow, year, and cold.  For a lot I found this page that showed me the walk through of the hands, but since it was still images I found it difficult to follow, but I guess I know how to sign a lot.

I found it difficult to search up how to sign this: Regan:  ya, at least it hasn’t been that cold. So I think I am just going to say ya, not cold this year instead.  I couldn’t find at least anywhere (anyone will an idea let a girl know).  

Regan: oh yes, with marshmallows so good! 

Then I learnt how to sign marshmallows through just a you tube video, which it all kind of makes sense because of how marshmallows look.  Which I obviously reached my video limit so I am going to try hyperlinking to the video.

Then when looking up how to say my last sentence which is: Regan: sounds great, lets go. I found another great website, which showed me the last few words that I needed to look up which were sounds, and Let’s go.

I am so excited to make this video with Hayley so stay tuned!  



5 thoughts on “Preparing for the video of the semester.”

  1. What an in depth and educational blogpost! It is so exciting to see all of your progress this semester. I really love that you are using videos to showcase your skills. It makes understanding where you are with your learning so much more apparent for your readers/ viewers. How are you finding with the making of your videos? Are you finding that you are having to do many re takes? And if so, is that giving you a lack of motivation or a certain frustration that does not make you want to make the videos? I wonder if students have the option to do a learning project if they would have trouble with the process of making videos. Thank you so much for sharing this week. I really love reading all your posts, please continue this great work!

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  2. I have only really made on video so far, and I really enjoyed it just because I could refresh everything before recording and then compare the two videos after to make sure I was atleast close! I have only really done one take and been done so far, but I could potentially do one or two retakes for this weeks video. I think videos are very forgiving for everyone, including students and learning how to edit videos is an important skill for every students.

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  3. Regan! Thanks for your post here. I kind of agree with what you said about that second video you used in that he sounded kind of ignorant. The first thing that put me off a little is that he isn’t using person-first language – addressing people who are deaf as “deaf people” and needing to talk to them in “their language”. He used very ‘othering’ language which definitely came across as ignorant. Anyway! I am really excited to see your final video! Keep up the great work 🙂 So cool to see this collaboration happening.


  4. Hi Regan. Great post! I agree with you about him sounding a bit ignorant when using specific terms. We have always been taught to never really say “deaf people,” so when someone says it, it really shocks me. One aspect I love about education, is that we get to teach people (family, friends, coworkers etc.) the proper terminology.


  5. good problem solving with your limited video on this post, i never knew that there was a limit and your use of a hyperlink was well thought out.
    its good to see your progress this semester and i am excited to see the final project


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