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Let’s sign some songs!

Hey guys, I am going to spruce up this blog some more so please, please give me some trick and tips.  This week I learnt some songs in sign language, and I was REALLY shocked to see that they didn’t include signs for every word, so then how do people who are hard of hearing really know the song??  This is I found really unfortunate but then also found it was easy for myself so I guess that was a plus!

The first song I learnt was “Baa baa black sheep” I chose this song only because it was definitely one of my favorite songs to listen to when I was younger, and really thought it was going to be easy to learn and remember! However, I found it super easy to learn but because you literally only sign: black, sheep, master, dame, little boy, lane, three and yes.  So I had to obviously learn only 8 words!

The second song I chose was because it was on the right hand side bar under “Up Next” so definitely took the easy way out on this one!  Also, I am actually kinda shocked because I know when I have sang this song for the kids at the daycare I work at, I was honestly expecting the same signs that I would use whenever I sang it, however this was not the case!  I really like how Abbey in these songs introduce the actions before singing the song!  This song had a lot more signs for the words and also found it interesting that a lot of the signs “made sense” in my head for what they represented which made this song easier to learn!

Ok, so last but not least for this week’s learning videos that I study was the song “You are my Sunshine”, because honestly who doesn’t love this song!  But this song to there are hardly any signs for the whole song, which has to be difficult.  But this lady is awesome for going through each song slowly first then going through the song after teaching it.  Which I guess is something that I learnt when I was in ECE classes, I was taught to teach the words slowly then to do the song as a whole after – so really why would it be different if you are teaching the song through signing or words!

WOW, take a side step right now! Abbey, is so instructional and her explanation of where your hand should be facing while doing numbers really told me how wrong I have been doing them! FAIL!  Oh well, I live and learn and now I know how to sign PROPERLY my numbers from 1-20 because of how informative she is!


This week’s learning really was fun, and something that I will use within my classroom if I teach the young enough grades (lets be real older kids wont want to hear my voice), but I guess would they have to hear my voice if I chose to just teach the song through signing?  Food for thought I guess!

I hope you enjoy the videos and learn a song to two, because this lady is awesome and I even found myself searching her channel (I think that’s what it is called.  If anyone who is doing signing wants to check her out, the link for her channel is here!


2 thoughts on “Let’s sign some songs!”

  1. Regan, I enjoyed reading your blog post. You found such a great youtube channel to use as a resource. When watching I tried following long- I need a lot more practice to say the least ha! Keep up the great work!


  2. what a great resource you found, technology can be so useful sometimes. its crazy to see how you had been doing some of the signs wrong because of the way you positioned your hand, but good thing you had such a wonderful resource. great to see that your learning, and although you had a hiccup with the positioning of your hand, you have learned from your mistake and can move on.
    remember practice makes perfect
    keep up the great work


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