ESCI 302

On the Fly Learning

I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to listen to Dwayne Donald’s speech, I appreciated that it was a last minute thing that Audrey felt that it was important.  I also think that his speech was crucial to my specific learning and I personally got a lot out of his talk.  I think it really hit home with myself when he was talking about the handshake after signing the treaty and the fact that the Indigenous people thought that they were building relationships with the Europeans, but the Europeans had believed it was to share land and resources with the Indigenous people.   So, as someone who is interested in the various sides of the treaty signage, and the history and hardship that Indigenous people have suffered in the past I felt like this speech was beautiful and eye opening.  My visual representation is a sketch down representing this moment in history that changed the lives of so many people.  Dwayne’s speech although it wasn’t the planned event for the day, turned out to be the turning point of so many of our educations (I am sure).  I know personally for myself and my classmates we were moved and moved by everything that he shared, and the way that he teaches really put a different teaching style into perspective.


1 thought on “On the Fly Learning”

  1. Hi Regan,
    The way that the Dwayne Donald explained the handshake really affected me too. The Indigenous people and Europeans both had different ideas in mind of what the Treaties meant to them. The handshake symbolizes the sharing of resources and the welcoming of two nations as one. Your visual representation of the agreement between Indigenous and European people really captured my attention and reminded me about Donald’s speech. How can you relate this to one of our readings in class?
    Great post!
    Kayla Friesen


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