EDTC 300, Learning Projects

One, two, what!?

Ugh! Guys this whole signing numbers is very difficult and the ASL app didn’t give me enough information on how to make the numbers once I got to double digits so I had to research elsewhere in order to properly do them! This video from YouTube seemed to help, but I only wish I could slow down his actions! Numbers, I find are fairly easy once you get the basic hand movements and gestures done, and once you finally get how to do double digit numbers then it is smooth sailing to the next set (tenth digit, ex. 30).

The only struggle I have with my numbers are the numbers from 10 – 20 and only because the gentleman in the video goes too fast and do we really have to wave them three times, maybe I guess I should research more!

I unfortunately didn’t get a video done this week, only because I had no one to video tape it!!! But stay tuned you never know what is in store for next week!


3 thoughts on “One, two, what!?”

  1. Numbers to get to be very difficult! And sometimes I think people do them differently? I’ve watched a few videos myself and occasionally there is something a little different in each one which makes it hard to really know how to do it. I’ve been using Sign Language 101 which is a website online with YouTube videos and I find it works very well. Not too fast and it includes little tips and tricks in the lessons. I feel your pain but keep on practicing!


  2. Learning numbers is such a slow process. I have to use multiple sources and watch carefully. One trick I found was to slow down the speed of the video. On YouTube begin to watch a specific video. Press the small tool circle on the bottom right on the video toolbar, and it allows you to pick your speed. I find this super helpful for ASL!


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