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Don’t call me detective…

Ok, so I really don’t know how others do the whole creeping people to find their ancestors, heritage and where they are from.  Either I’m horrible or Manuela is just well hidden, because I did not find very much at all!!! Literally I found her Facebook and that was all, and that is only if it was the one who had one mutual friend with myself and two cute kids as a cover picture!

I honestly think her stuff is so well hidden is because her Instagram account was very private and since I don’t know ANYTHING about her, not even what she looks like then it make it more difficult to know if I was creeping the right person.  However, unfortunately the only reason why I found her blog was because I went into our blog hub and I clicked on it, searching her name I couldn’t find it and I went through 3 pages of results when searching her name.  Too her luck or disadvantage there is a doctor who does unreal research who somewhat over took the information that I could find, couldn’t even find where she lives!

I was very disappointed in the results that I could find, especially since it seems like she found all the right things about myself!

Just note to self, I may have a promising career in teaching… just not one in detective work :(!


4 thoughts on “Don’t call me detective…”

  1. This is so weird… I did not know I was that hidden and invisible from the public eye. Guess that could be a good thing and bad thing…not sure..and not sure how to change this?? I thought it would be super easy finding things about me, guess I was wrong! This is news to me, sorry Regan!!!!

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  2. Thanks for your post Regan! It is interesting to think that since you have never met Manuela, you didn’t know whether it was even her or not. That is such a good point! I wonder how employers do this… they must do it after the initial interview so that they know that they’re cybersleuthing the right person! haha In your opinion, do you think it would help or harm someone in an interview if no information could be found about them?
    Have an awesome afternoon!
    Sarah 🙂


  3. I think absolutely it could harm someone if you can’t find information about them online, especially if they have built up an identity on something like WordPress in relation to the job that they are applying for! What do you think about this?


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