ECS 210

Study of Place and how to incorporate it into my teachings


  • When they are working together to establish a relationship and understanding of their land and culture
  • Learning through living in the area in which they are studying


  • Studying the land through living on the land rather then just learning about it through books
  • Listening to the information that the elders offered
  • Using their language and establishing words again through language loss

I think through studying who you are and where you are is best done through living experiences, through talking and through indigenous ways of knowing.  Not by sitting in a classroom and reading books and articles but by going out and being in the environment and that place, and providing opportunities to experience these places and who each person is.  I think too acknowledging every aspect of the place, and what you see and hear while being in that place is a great way to learn about what it has to offer.  I also think having people who have the knowledge to teach my students in a calm and inviting way is more beneficial then me standing up at the front and telling them all the information that I have on a specific place or topic.



1 thought on “Study of Place and how to incorporate it into my teachings”

  1. Hi Regan,
    As always you have interesting insights into our class readings. Nature and where we live is so important to everyone, even though we usually don’t see and appreciate the world around us. This article and our class, has made me realize that we are truly shaped by where we live. I love the harshness of winter, because it teaches me respect for the cold, and yet I marvel at our ingenuity of how we live in this environment. The land and our environment have given us strength and determination to overcome the adversity of the weather, which are important lessons to learn.
    Thanks for your insights.


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