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Embodying ecoliteracy or becoming ecoliterate?

I feel like embodying ecoliteracy means to me in relation to climate change is the changes that I make within my personal life to become more ecoliterate.  I have a very Western way of thinking and even while making this blog I feel like I am focussing too much on what I have to do and change over time rather then just living these changed now.  I think like living in the moment and being the change now would be more beneficial then all of a sudden once my life changes I make these drastic changes in my life to become ecoliterate as if I wont have enough to focus on.  However, this is what becoming ecoliterate looks like in my person life:

Step one Recycle:  Right now I am attempting to recycle whenever I possibly can, and reusing products as much as I can, and using less one use items – even bought supplies to make my favorite Starbucks drink!  I also am working on wasting less food (which is a big one for myself), and buying products with less waste as much as possible on a student budget.

Step two Research: I feel like I can be researching or should be researching more cheap ways that I can be ecoliterate and that I shouldn’t necessarily use my lack of funds as an excuse for not being ecoliterate because there are plenty cost effective and cost saving tips and tricks out there.  I need to expand my contribution by finding easy ways in a hectic like that I can help through.

Step three Minimize: my ecoliterate friend gave me so many suggestions on tips to becoming ecoliterate and she said that since I am on a budget minimizing what I use and have is cost effective and by selling many items I would make some cash to put towards becoming more ecoliterate!

Step four Own Place:  I have every excuse in the book in why I am not ecoliterate and one of them is the lack of having my own place.  I feel like since I am in a tiny apartment I am unable to do many things in regards to ecolitearcy like composting so I feel like once I BUY my own place a garden and space is something I can and will specifically look for!

Step five Garden/Compost:  I feel like having a great outdoor space is a wonderful opportunity to becoming ecoliterate being able to grow your own food is beneficial in many aspects of your own life.  I also think that having a garden or space to put your composting right away makes it a heck of a lot easier.  But also having a great outside space to get away too, to just be in in the moment is very beneficial in many ways to get away and just relax and clear your mind!

Step six Farmer Friend:  Since I am not knowledgeable enough and probably wont have enough time to become a farmer or to get a bunch of animals I feel like having a farmer friend to get meat and eggs from would be a great step to becoming ecoliterate.  I think the farm raised meat and eggs are better for you and hurt the environment a lot less then mass companies.


I know this post seemed like it was rushed because in all honesty it was, I just want to help with climate change and shut off all lights and this computer and go to bed 🙂 haha!


1 thought on “Embodying ecoliteracy or becoming ecoliterate?”

  1. I enjoyed reading this posts as I like how you laid out six steps on becoming more of a ecoliterate individual. I like how you are making improvements on recycling as well as trying to waste less food. Step two doing more research is interesting and can be easily done as taking sometime to gain more knowledge can lead to being more of a ecoliterate person and save some costs along the way. The idea of growing a garden and gaining a farmer friend in the future is something that you should really value. My mother grows a massive garden on the family farm and I must say there is nothing better then fresh vegetables from your own garden. I also have a farmer friend where I get my farm fresh eggs which are delicious. The fact that your wanting to grow a garden and collect food from a local farmer is awesome and makes me excited!


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