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Signing like a champ!

Hey guys! Here is a video of almost everything I have practiced and done.  I didn’t include the stuff that I did the first week, but will include a video of that with the stuff I am working on this week.  The app that I downloaded “The ASL App” is the most helpful and beneficial for myself, however I found that my angle or positioning of the letters and such may be slightly off! I discovered Windows Movie Maker is easy to use, so that’s exciting!!

Here is my YouTube video! Please don’t just my facial expression or appearance, and the video is pretty lame because it has no sounds because the dog decided to have a party while videoing!


6 thoughts on “Signing like a champ!”

  1. Ahhhh! I absolutely loved the video you included. I can really see the progress from your first post to the last. Do you think this would be something you would teach your students even if they didn’t possess an exceptionality where ASL was needed? Thanks for putting yourself out there on video, really elevated this post. Cute dog too!


  2. I love seeing how you have progressed through your signing skills. I agree with THE ASL App being a great resource in helping learn ASL, as I have used it a bunch too! Also making a movie clip is an interesting idea and tool to use, I enjoyed it!! Great post Regan 🙂


  3. It looks like you have made some serious progress on your signing! How are you deciding what you are going to learn next now that you are moving on to words? The clip was a great way to demonstrate your learning thus far!


  4. It is so nice to see how far you have come. I also used the ASL App when I started. I have been referred to a website called Sign Language 101. You should check it out! There are videos of things that you could learn. Thank you for showing us your progress! What are you planning on learning next?


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