EDTC 300

Digital Citizens of the next generation

I strongly believe that digital citizenship is going to be a crucial part of my future students and classroom’s learning environment, hence why I am taking this class so I can learn, grow, and teach about this evolving information.  I think all of my students will have an online profile in which they are going to have to learn about and learn about the safety aspects that they need to be aware of.

What do you see as the major challenges around teaching digital citizenship in the classroom?

I think teaching about digital citizenship is going to be challenging because of the always evolving network that the students are going to be exposed to, and the always changing access to sites that they have.  As a teacher who is teaching this topic you always have to be “with the times” and I struggle being “with the times” enough when it comes to my peers, let alone a younger generation.  Another challenge I see arising is the every changing personalities that come with the over exposure to the online world, and I feel like the students whom I teach are going to be far different then the who the students were when I was a child or even the students now.

How do you see digital citizenship fitting into the curriculum? 

I think that teaching about the safeties of digital citizenship is going to be included in the curriculum and the many windows that are open within the apps.  I also strongly believe that creating a digital citizenship for the students online is also going to be included in the curriculum whether it be the hidden curriculum or the written up Saskatchewan curriculum.  Let’s face is in today’s society knowing about technology and what it has to offer is crucial to getting jobs.

What topics that we discussed were particularly interesting to you and why? 

There are so many things that we have discussed that have been interesting to myself.  I think even learning about the different blogs, screen casting, and app blockers have changed my life already and have been interesting to myself.  I also enjoyed learning about the Nine elements of digital citizenship was interesting, and learning how quickly things can travel over cyberspace.

One beneficial thing that has truly changed my life is the twitter world and all that it has to offer – especially the twitter chats that are available to anyone!


The world of technology is a crucial part to teaching and learning in today’s world and teaching about the safety behind all of it is very important to students, peers, and the older generation (my mom in particular).


2 thoughts on “Digital Citizens of the next generation”

  1. Hi Regan
    I agree with you when you day digital citizenship is going to be a huge part of your life, it will be for all of us. Technology is not only everywhere, it is also a part of our identities now. As a teacher we need to be sure that we are helping our students to understand what a good digital citizen looks like. Goo post, maybe add a photo or two to the post to make it more engaging.


  2. your right about the majority of kids having some sort of identity online nowadays, and as teachers we need to understand this and help teach them to use it wisely and safely as you said. great post and I agree with Regan with the pictures, it will spice up your post making it more appealing to the eye.


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