ECS 210

Am I the Person they had wished to create?

I honestly have been thinking long and hard and I am not quite sure what types of citizenship education I received… maybe none?  I don’t ever remember doing food drives or donations within my school and definitely don’t remember EVER talking about the struggles that so many other people faced.  I guess my best bet to get to the bottom of my citizenship education is to potentially break it down by each type I read about.

The personally responsible citizen:

  • I mean as many schools, my school had laws and rules and if we didn’t follow them we got detention, suspension or expulsion. Also, when bad things happened we were always guaranteed to have an assembly with the police ESPECIALLY around Halloween.
  • We did the annual garbage pick up around town – basically we walked around town and picked up the odd piece of garbage but mainly did it for the fresh air and not having to do school work.
  • We learnt about recycling and had to recycle but that’s where it ended nothing happened we it.
  • We were definitely expected to be the best person that we could be and had to follow the “golden rule” which was of course posted in every classroom!

The participatory citizen/The justice oriented citizen.:

  • Nothing really for this one we really didn’t go above and beyond the call of duty on being a good person – we weren’t encouraged to be amazing.  We did the bare minimum and that’s about all…

Maybe it’s because reading week is around the corner, or maybe it’s because I am just drawing a blank, OR maybe just maybe it had nothing to do with curriculum.  I feel like everything about being a good person had to do with the hidden curriculum and wasn’t necessarily something my teachers had to do.  I honestly don’t really know what to say to ” Explore what this approach to the curriculum made (im)possible in regards to citizenship” maybe you can help me out, get my brain going for one last thing before reading week where I will be sleeping A LOT and doing some homework.


2 thoughts on “Am I the Person they had wished to create?”

  1. Thanks for your post! I like how you broke down the types of citizen and focused on ways in which you experienced that kind of education. It actually made me realize some things that happened in my school as well that influenced my citizenship education. I agree that it seems like a lot of the content and learning based on citizenship seems to come out of the hidden curriculum, and that we should address why that is.


  2. Hey Regan,
    I’m in the same boat as you. I cannot recollect a certain lesson or discussion throughout any of my years of schooling regarding citizenship. Not what it means to be a citizen or the responsibilities or even how to become one. A thought that I had regarding citizenship in the curriculum is the effects on students in the present day who perhaps have multiple citizenship, or maybe are not yet citizens of Canada. I think it’s important to engage in these discussions in our schools in order to support the very definition and role of acquiring citizenship. I hope this sort of makes sense…I’m also feeling very out of it as this is my last class before the break!


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