EDTC 300

Technology is opening many doors – but also has many open doors.

Not that I think I am like really old or anything but as a young(ish) adult I have experienced many changes within the internet craze.  I was around with the good ol’ dial up internet and the glory days of MSN, I was the naïve teenager messaging randoms on yahoo chat not knowing the dangers that potentially lurked behind the other screen.  I didn’t understand how quickly things could spread until I was older – I guess I didn’t know how truly fast things could spread until this present day!

I think it is crucial for students and teachers to understand the importance safe internet and teaching this to our students on how to be safe – and knowing for ourselves.  Understanding the dangers that could potentially occur when we are not responsible or not aware of what is happening.  I think technology is important and crucial for teaching in today’s society and it could teach a lot of people the many things you have to offer your students and your community but in one wrong move you could also show that one wrong mistake could be looked at more times then the positives.

I think that it is super important to remember two specific points:

  1. In class when Katia mentioned that there aren’t two lives in young people’s life – their online and offline lives are joint. That we need to remember that who they are in in the online life.
  2. In the video when Wesch mentions that technology joints many aspects of our lives and other’s.

Participatory communities is a very important aspect to bring everyone closer.  I feel honestly hidden behind a computer helps people open up – I mean for 3 out of 5 classes I am blogging all of my thoughts some personal – some not so much.  But I, myself can be who I want to be hidden behind the computer sitting in my lap then I would sitting in a classroom with my peers.  I think too this is what also makes people fighting on the internet so easy!



2 thoughts on “Technology is opening many doors – but also has many open doors.”

  1. I agree that it is important for both students and teachers to understand the importance of safe internet. If teachers are not aware of the dangers that social media and the internet hold, then they will not be able to help their students to use the internet safely.

    Great Post!


  2. Being safe and respectful online is a critical thing that we as teachers need to start teaching. as technology keeps on advancing it may get safer but could also get more dangerous, and if we set up our students with the knowledge of digital citizenship it can influence them in a big way. im intrested to see what Wesch had to say, maybe next time you could post the link in your blog.


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