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Alphabet is harder then sayings!

Ok, so I thought by the end of this week I would have mastered the alphabet on both hands… I obviously didn’t know what I was in for even though I worked on my letters all last week and this week.  But I give up and I am moving on to simple phrases I thought I would do numbers but I find the sayings were a lot easier and I would like to do a video and would like to show skill not struggle through it.

I don’t really understand why it is so hard for my hands to make the letters but it is.  I can do the video (doesn’t matter which one they all show me the 26 letters) only 2 times then my hands start cramping so much!  So I do the suggestion and stretch them and massage them and try again but they just don’t want to move the way they have to for the letters.  I also find that the transition between letters isn’t as easy as I thought – I get it though because it would be hard to notice the difference between letters that look similar.

So sorry folks but I promise my blog post will be a lot more interesting next week when I have a video and I promise you a video (if i can figure it out how to post it haha)


See ya next week when I have something to show for myself.


1 thought on “Alphabet is harder then sayings!”

  1. I totally understand your struggle with learning ASL letters. I use to practice them a lot because I trained with a deaf swimmer and wanted to connect with him more and I totally agree with how phrases or specific words are much easier. recently I have been taught some Asian numbers with my hands from a kid that I coach and they are also very complicated. keep up the good work and I hope to watch a video of you soon with your progress.


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