ECS 210

How the curriculum is built:

Before reading the article I thought that curriculum was based off of policies that were put into place through the Saskatchewan Teacher Federation, building off of prior years to plan for higher years.  I believed it was scaffolded off of what was required each year to lay out what needed to be taught.


The reading explained how curricula is developed through government and academic scholars who lay out the importance of subjects and content.  It concerns me that non-educators have an influence and impact on the curriculum that teachers teach their students.  I think it is important that the top six scholars don’t have the final say on curriculum and having non-educated people probably level out the votes and content of the curriculum.  I also feel like it is very important for specific areas to outline the curriculum that is taught and influence the region.

  • This was very interesting in the aspects of how curriculum is actually built and influences.

1 thought on “How the curriculum is built:”

  1. Hi Regan,
    I am also concerned that voters can influence what government is voted in. Many government members and voters do not have knowledge and experience with students. Educators should have more of an influence on the curriculum than those who may have never stepped into a classroom before.
    Great post!
    Kayla Friesen


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