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Not exactly sure what’s harder ASL or French!

This is better late then never… right?

I have been waiting to post because I was hoping that I would have perfected the Alphabet by now, which unfortunately I have not.  I don’t know why but I am struggling with the hand, and finger placements.  I am researching to find tips on exactly how it should look, and trying videos but so far no such luck on perfection.  I really enjoyed this video because of the music, maybe if it gets stuck in my head the signs will as well!

Also after seeing the title of this blog pop on my news feed, I decided that I too maybe should take it back to the basics and learn the alphabet.  I actually took the time tonight to read the blog and downloaded some of the apps that she suggested – maybe they will help more for the perfection of the alphabet signs that I am going to practice.  (Also once I remember how to link her blog to this post I will be doing that as well).  She’s onto something definitely!

I found one site that gave me tips on sign language, and found it very useful my hands were sore after trying the alphabet just once! So I am taking this website’s advice and going to perfect the alphabet – as for perfecting it on both hands, I don’t think my left hand moves that way!  If I perfect it by next week I will try to upload a video – possibly trying to do it with both hands!

Also if the perfection happens sooner rather then later I will try and work on numbers… I’ll let you know what one I get too next week!

I will keep you all update, but I think struggling through French 100 was easier then this!

Have a great week everyone,

See you next week… REGAN (below are the signs for each letter).



3 thoughts on “Not exactly sure what’s harder ASL or French!”

  1. Hey Regan! I am a perfectionist as well and I found learning the ASL alphabet challenging so before recording, I practiced and practiced and drilled it into hand/mind memory to sign correctly! It takes time, but you will eventually get the hang of it 🙂


  2. Progress makes perfect! And it sounds like your slowly but surely getting there! The video was fantastic, I watched it in bed before I went to sleep and had a dream about it haha! Love the pictures you included. Have you ever watched “switched at birth” on Netflix? its dramatic, however it does ASL learning for students and family members!


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