ESCI 302

Eco-literate poem – No judgement zone

Indigenous people – as eco-literate people

It was not that long ago that Indigenous people were here

Whom walked on and served our mother earth.


The people lived off of this land and praised this land.


These people utilized the animals for everything they had to offer

And in return respected every animal.


Mother earth has so much to offer

Herbs, food, animals, and shelter.


However, the only ones to use all of these resources

Were the Indigenous people.


Respecting, all that earth has to offer

Utilizing every natural element for every aspect of life.


Eco-literate or Indigenous?


When I think of being eco literate

I think of living like the indigenous people.


Living and breathing in all of earth’s beauty

Offering and protecting everything it has to offer.


Their carbon footprint?

Was their even such a thing?

They lived so eco friendly and didn’t waste anything.


Animal fur?

More like clothing and shelter.



More like medicine and remedies for many things.



More like housing and transportation

  • But not the kind that left a black mark on our mother earth.


What has civilization done to this beauty?

What can we do to go back to these ways?


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