EDTC 300

What just happened?…

Well I just took part, or well observed for the most part my first ever twitter chat.  I am in a daze and don’t really know what just happened other then to say information was thrown in every direction possible.  I learnt a few things, and they are as followed:

  1. When there is a glowing blue line at the top of the chat that means your scrolling is still clicked off so you are not getting the most up to date tweets as they come in, and it takes awhile to catch up again.
  2. I don’t really care for “Open Mic” nights I think it would have been better if we were all talking about a specific topic not all just throwing ideas around and advice around.
  3. Be aware of who the people are replying to, and try to mentally keep track of who’s saying what.
  4. Don’t plan to do an ed chat on Super Bowl Sunday!

I honestly maybe got a few tips and tricks but since so much was happening I don’t think I necessarily got information that is going to transform my blog into something amazing anytime soon.  I am interested to see what a chat is like with specific topics or questions.


1 thought on “What just happened?…”

  1. Hey Regan! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your EdChat experience. I am surprised that yours even went ahead on Superbowl Sunday as I tried to join a few and they were canceled. I am shocked that there wasn’t a moderator or someone to guide the chat using questions. I agree that it would be very hard to engage without any guidelines or guiding questions. Which chat did you end up joining? Perhaps you could scroll back to past tweets to the last chat night and see if there were questions then so that you know if it’s an EdChat that you would want to participate in in the future.
    Thanks for your thoughts!


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