ECS 210

Is commonsense teaching really the best way? Not likely!

What does it mean to be a “good” student according to the commonsense?

  • sitting and behaving
  • listening and following the rules
  • doing EXACTLY what the instructions say
  • Not being your own person
  • Learning and absorbing all of the knowledge the teacher throws at you

Which students are privileged by this definition of the good student?

  • the academic scholar
  • the successful student with no disabilities or delays
  • the student who is good at notes and good at absorbing knowledge quickly

What is made impossible to see/understand/believe because of these commonsense ideas?

  • It is impossible to see every child’s full potential
  • It is hard to understand what the child does actually know
  • It is difficult to believe that every child can be successful

4 thoughts on “Is commonsense teaching really the best way? Not likely!”

  1. Hey Regan! Thank you for the bullet point form. It was so nice to read it. I liked your blog, and I really liked the point of not being able to be your own person. I totally agree with you, in this system you as a person get lost. Thank you for an awesome blog!


  2. Hi Regan,
    First off I like reading a blog that is short and to the point. Unlike my own that tend to carry on. I like how you mentioned it would be impossible to see the child’s full potential. I think way to often teachers end up focusing on the negative aspects of the not so “good” students and totally dismiss or disregard any of the good qualities that each and every student has. It actually quite disheartening when we see all these students being labelled as “bad” when really all they are is just a little different than what we are so used to considering “good”.

    Great Points!


  3. Hi Regan,
    You said so much in so few words. Brilliant!
    I’m glad that our education system is changing and allowing students to be themselves and is more accepting of differences. Inclusion and acceptance of everyone is key, as we all have great insights and ideas.


  4. Hi Regan,
    I found it interesting that the “good” student according to the commonsense is only one type of student, the student that behaves well, is “successful” academically, etc. There are so many other students that have different characteristics. As future educators, we can not favour one type of student over others. I completely agree with you that the commonsense way of teaching is not the way to teach at all.
    Great post,
    Kayla Friesen


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