EDTC 300

Working out the kinks, and getting to know the power of feedly.

Feedly has the power to replace all of my free time with interesting blogs, articles, and information surrounding topics that I am interested and of my own choosing.  I have basically only dipped my toes in with a two day delay with technical difficulties but now that I have worked out the kinks I have been readings and learning of interesting topics.  Now that I have downloaded the app there is no stopping me now, and I have things to replace my habit of binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 4th time!

I think many inspiring teachers can share in the interest I have for Ted talks, they are informative, empowering, and very insightful as an upcoming teacher.  I could binge watch Ted talks for hours on end.  The topics that they discuss, the information that they carry can move you and help you understand the importance of many issues that our youth face within their everyday lives.  Also, I have followed many pages surrounding social justice issues.  Since beginning this journey of education I have grown personally and learnt so much about social justice issues, and have come to learn that ignorance is just the lack of education (for some).  I feel like as an aspiring educator you should learnt the most you can and understand as much to better help students and maybe help you understand the troubles that they may face as well.  But putting my teaching career aside understanding social justice issues help against your own ignorance, stereotypes, etc that you may face without have the education and knowing.

Look at all the interesting things I can read, learn and watch!



3 thoughts on “Working out the kinks, and getting to know the power of feedly.”

  1. I like reading your blogs, I feel like I am discovering new technology with you. I would love to see some photos and links added to it.


  2. Ted talks would be a great alternative to binge watch, maybe they should have them on nexflix?
    i really like how you are replacing greys with something more productive and educational and its only going to help your knowledge for your future career


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