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Things I am hoping to be able to sign sooner rather than later…

Hey everyone! this is my second learning post blog for edtech 300 and it is quite difficult but I am trying to work on a few single sentences, or phrases.

  1. Do you know how to sign?
  2. What’s up?
  3. How are you?
  4. Want to get coffee?
  5. What is your text number?
  6. I love you. (Friendly)
  7. Can you teach me sign?

These are all from one video but I find it difficult to move my hands smoothly so I am going to continue to watch this video (be aware of the not so awesome music) until I can say these sayings smoothly… So basically ASL is going to take over my life! Just kidding but it isn’t going to happen over night!  I am going to have to watch this video a few more times in order to say all of these phrases, but it’s coming along!


2 thoughts on “Things I am hoping to be able to sign sooner rather than later…”

  1. What a great idea for a learning project! inclusive education is a critical aspect of teaching and having a background in ASL will for sure help you in your future profession as a teacher. I think inclusive education is under-taught especially in the realm of ASL and I wish you luck on your journey into ASL.
    I use to train with a partially deaf swimmer, and because he couldn’t wear his hearing aid in the water it made him 100% deaf. my team and I had to learn a bit of ASL so we could connect to him and also make him feel like part of the team.
    best of luck


  2. Hey Noah, I agree when working with other people ASL can be a beneficial tool to be able to use. Even the smallest knowledge of how to sign can go a long way to a specific child.


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