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Being able to communicate with all of my students in a variety of ways…

Hi everyone, this is my learning blog #1 for education technology!

As someone who is an aspiring teacher I believe the power of communication is truly important, and the beauty of language is something that should be encouraged.  Last semester I took ELNG 200 and it truly opened my eyes to the gaps in our communication with others.  I learnt about the struggles that so many people face in their everyday lives just to get around.  A few years ago while working at a daycare I worked one on one with a little girl who wasn’t able to communicate verbally, she was able to understand us but she was non-verbal.  While working with her I researched and googled just a few words to give her basic skills to communicate with me.  However, now as I am pursuing a career in education I believe that importance and power of sign language is an important skill that I should obtain… and what better reason then for a grade in my pursue of a degree… right?

So throughout my learning project I intend to learn a variety of words, sentences, and greetings through sign language so at the end of this I would hope to be able to communicate in some way shape or form, even if it’s not enough it will be a start.  I also found interest while watching the show “Switched at Birth” (no judgement, it’s not the worse!), which gave me very little insight into the challenges that so many face in the deaf community.  So, by using you tube channels and possible some Switched at Birth episodes I hope to learn a variety of words, and sentences.

Before starting this learning project process I already know:

  1. Please
  2. all done
  3. more
  4. thank-you

So ideally in 40 – 50 hours I would hope to add at the very least 40 – 50 words in sign language.


1 thought on “Being able to communicate with all of my students in a variety of ways…”

  1. This is an amazing learning project. I wish i thought of it when i did the 300 class. I tried to see if i was able to take an ASL class as my second language but it is not officially recognised at the University. As future teachers thinking about the inclusive classrooms we are in, we may be faced with many more situation’s such as yours, and i admire you being proactive, and finding that way to prepare yourself for them.


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