Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by, my name is Regan Luypaert and I am an aspiring teacher.

I am really excited to be working alongside other educators and working within a strong school community.  I have had some experience as an educational assistant in Whitewood and Broadview schools, I have spent some time in Ethel Milliken school for my ECS 100 placement, and a Grade 5 class at St. Francis.

I am looking forward to being in a school setting and being part of your school community.  I love working alongside students and watching their growth, or watching their expression when they understand something that they have been working on.  The true wonder and excitement that students have while learning is such an amazing experience to be a part of.  I have enjoyed seeing the interest and excitement in children when they understand a topic.

I love to read books and find that literacy in the classroom is something fun to get students engaged in various topics, and to also teach valuable lessons.  On a personal note, I love camping in the summer and spending time just reconnecting with myself and the outdoors.  I have obtained an Early Childhood Education diploma and have worked in the Early Childhood field now for eight years.

I cannot wait to work with you and your students!

My cell phone number is 1-306-520-7135 and my email address is regan-luypaert@hotmail.com.

I am looking forward to working alongside you and learning many strategies from you.

Talk soon,

Regan Luypaert